An example of how the vision can work

Jersey is already following the outcomes approach to develop an Jersey Early Childhood Development Programme (JECDP).

Since 2016, UBS Optimus Foundation UK has funded National Children’s Bureau to work with the States of Jersey and Jersey Child Care Trust to deliver the JECDP programme.


This work will support the ‘Learn and Grow’ outcome: In 2037, our children will enjoy the best start in life.


How can we measure if this is happening? The JECDP helped select indicators for the early years’ aspect of this outcome - including breastfeeding. (The other indicators included birth weight and child obesity)

The trend

How is Jersey doing? The JECDP researched the trend in breastfeeding, national benchmarks and other data to help interpret it. The data showed that there has been only a marginal improvement in breastfeeding rates over the last five years.

The story

What is the story behind this trend? A range of stakeholders were invited to discuss the evidence and examine the causes behind the trend. They identified local issues such as high maternal age, high rates of working mothers, high caesarean rates, maternity legislation and a lack of universal antenatal preparation.

They forecast that the trend was likely to continue unless we do things differently.


Who are the partners with a role to play in doing better? The partners who needed to be involved in improving the current trend were identified, including:

  • parents / parents-to-be
  • businesses
  • education practitioners
  • Midwives
  • Charities
  • 1001 Critical Days Agenda
  • GPs and paediatricians
  • Social Security
  • Early years providers

The plan of action

What could help improve the trend? The partners identified a raft of ideas that could help Jersey do better16, including:

  • implementation of the UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative
  • introducing a universal antenatal
  • preparation programme
  • reviewing family friendly legislation
  • ‘low cost/ no cost options’, such as peer support training and provision

All of these ideas are currently being considered by the JECDP Steering Group.

Learn & Grow
Learn & Grow

We will be an Island where children enjoy the best start in life.

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