The vision: how will it work?

The long-term vision will look at Jersey as a whole and will shape the Island's future over the next 20 years

Three key themes - community, environment and economy - will run through the vision

Jersey's vision will be based around ten Island Outcomes, which drive Islanders' quality of life

Beneath each outcome sits a set of Island Indicators to demonstrate progress

Key facts about the ten Island Outcomes

Outcomes are long-term in nature. They describe a clear image of the Jersey that Islanders' want to create over the next 20 years. They are about sustained improvement, not instant results.

They are enduring. The outcomes are about big picture results - Islanders' safety, health, good jobs and clean air will be as important in 20 years’ time as they are today.

The outcomes are not unique to Jersey. Communities around the world use similar outcomes - they are the essential conditions that determine Islanders' quality of life. What will set Jersey apart will be its progress towards the outcomes and how the Island highlights its strengths when promoting itself.

They work together, not alone. Jersey cannot afford to put community, the economy or the environment in separate boxes. They all contribute to Islanders' quality of life and impact on each other.

Outcomes are about the ‘what’ not the ‘how’. They are the end results we want for Jersey, not how we are going to get there - this detail belongs in a range of social, economic and environmental and delivery strategies.

They are a shared responsibility. While government can lead efforts to deliver progress, no minister or States department can single-handedly deliver the outcomes; we as a community, must work together.

More about Island Indicators

They give us the vital information we need to assess whether Jersey is making progress towards the outcomes, and what needs attention.

The indicators measure the rate of progress for everything from the number of injuries on our roads, to how clean our air is and the productivity of our economy.

The current rate of progress for each indicator is shown in a series of graphs in this report, which demonstrate in facts and figures where Jersey stands today.

However, these headline indicators are not the end of the measurement story; underpinning each of them will be raft of secondary indicators giving us more detail so we can fully understand what is happening and why.



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Global challenges

Our world is changing rapidly. Jersey must plan ahead to manage the impact of an ageing population, climate change, global economics, new technologies and the challenge of a growing population.

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