Why do we need a vision?

No-one can predict what the next 20 years will bring, but nor should Jersey sit back and leave it to chance.

The aim of the long-term vision, and the public consultation which has contributed to it, is to ensure that Jersey shapes a future that reflects Islanders' hopes, dreams and ambitions.  

So what's different this time?

Some people might say, we’ve been here before. But the vision is an entirely new approach to long-term planning and it draws on emerging best practice from around the world. 

Previous planning projects and consultations did not involve looking ahead 20 years with an enduring set of community, economic and environmental outcomes, which will drive Islanders' quality of life.

Ambitious planning

The vision will be the most ambitious piece of planning that the Jersey government has ever attempted.

The public feedback given through nearly two years of consultation will help to ensure the vision is compelling and enjoys widespread support - one which not only government but businesses and community organisations can sign up to and demonstrate how their contributions make a difference. 

My Jersey survey

The My Jersey survey gathered views on three areas, community, environment and economy, and asked how you think Jersey is performing today and where the Island should be in 20 years' time.

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Global challenges

Our world is changing rapidly. Jersey must plan ahead to manage the impact of an ageing population, climate change, global economics, new technologies and the challenge of a growing population.

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Crime, education, discrimination, mental health and sport - find out more about the long-term ambitions being proposed for these areas of community life in Jersey.

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