Economy: future ambitions

Jersey's vision will be based around ten Island Outcomes, which focus on our quality of life. Three of these outcomes come under the theme of Economy:

Affordable Living: we will be an Island where people can afford a decent standard of living

Attractive Business Environment: we will be an attractive place to do business

Jobs and Growth: we will benefit from a strong economy and rewarding job opportunities

Below each outcome is a set of Island Indicators, which demonstrates in facts and figures how Jersey is doing today. This information on current trends has been combined with Islanders' opinions expressed in My Jersey to propose a long-term ambition for topics such as migration, unemployment, the cost of buying your home and consumer prices. The options for the level of ambition are to either:

 CONTINUE THE TREND - consolidate or build on a current trend       

 IMPROVE THE TREND - increase the current rate of progress      

 TRANSFORM THE TREND - set a new direction

In the recent Future Jersey consultation, Islanders were asked whether they felt the proposed long-term ambitions for these economic indicators were the right ones, and this feedback is being taken into consideration as the final vision takes shape.


Crime, education, discrimination, mental health and sport - find out more about the long-term ambitions being proposed for these areas of community life in Jersey.

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My Jersey survey

The My Jersey survey gathered views on three areas, community, environment and economy, and asked how you think Jersey is performing today and where the Island should be in 20 years' time.

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