Ambitions: the options

Jersey's long-term vision is being shaped by focusing on steps one and two in the diagram below and asking the question:  

"Is Jersey heading in the right direction?"

Future ambition

To help us answer this question, a long-term ambition was proposed for each of the 58 indicators, after taking into consideration where Jersey stands today, feedback from My Jersey and how progress might impact on other indicators.

Islanders were asked for their views on whether the ambitions were the right ones in the recent Future Jersey public consultation. This feedback is now being taken into consideration as the final vision is put together.

The options

The indicators are presented as a graph, with arrows showing the long-term ambition. The options are:

 CONTINUE THE TREND - consolidate or build on a current trend       

 IMPROVE THE TREND - increase the current rate of progress      

 TRANSFORM THE TREND - set a new direction

Different challenges

None of these choices represent an easy option - in our changing world, ‘continuing’ progress against one indicator may prove just as challenging as ‘transforming’ another.

• These choices do not imply prioritisation of resources - the challenges of improving each indicator are different, and so are the strategies and resources required. Priorities also change over time, depending on circumstances and progress. In terms of States spending, this responsibility will sit with each new States Assembly.

• Long-term ambition is not about instant results - most of the Indicators will only move slowly; you can’t jump to the top of the results mountain. You can only climb it one step at a time.



Crime, education, discrimination, mental health and sport - find out more about the long-term ambitions being proposed for these areas of community life in Jersey.

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Migration, the cost of buying a home, consumer prices and unemployment – there are proposed long-term ambitions for each of these economic issues.

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My Jersey survey

The My Jersey survey gathered views on three areas, community, environment and economy, and asked how you think Jersey is performing today and where the Island should be in 20 years' time.

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